Torrentz contains over 20,3432,489 active torrent files from google and other domains databases. We gather all active and working torrents from trusted sources. Torrents are extremely faster compared to an older version. The best and most advanced search engine for everyone. The safest torrentz2 alternative.


  1. Follow BitTorrent tutorial - if you really don't know anything about downloading then follow this quick guide, this can make things easier for you
  2. We don't allow to create profiles or uploading torrents. You are not allowed to upload anything, all files can be downloaded from the secured torrent directory.

Privacy Policy

  1. Feel free to use torrents, because we don't collect your IP address
  2. We don't need your unnecessary user data, soo whatever you do, It's up to you
  3. These AD companies can log your data, so we have disabled access to all pop ads networks on torrents.

Takedown Instructions

  1. Before taking any actions, Please note: That we do not host torrents here, this is just a small and powerful search tool. In order for removals click here. This is the most simplified and safest version of torrents.
  2. We only have the 256Bit Encryption hash info (Unique ID)(Ex:
  3. We happily accept takedown requests, and please be patent, we will process all the removal requests within 48 hours or in some cases more.
  4. note: Do not send search query (Ex instead of send ( from your official professional e-mail.
  5. We do not accept free e-mail services. Please use your professional email: ( for all removal requests.
  6. Google copyright Notice For faster processing, you can also use the Google DCMA removals service, (more effective for torrent removals
  7. Please send a formal e-mail addressing the issue and we will respond, we are not against ISP, we support all the takedowns from ISP and process them.


torrentz proxy search is like google, we do not host any torrent fies all files are officialy hosted on google servers.

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Torrentz- Search Engine [] alternative search enigne online, meta search engine, enter search queries and get your content.

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